Ready Meals Delivered: Restaurant Quality To Your Home

At Breda’s, we have lovingly created a range of restaurant quality ready meals to be delivered direct to your door. Freshly cooked and quickly frozen, these traditional British and Irish dishes are prepared for your convenience. A delivery from Breda Murphy’s range of ready meals, desserts, and cakes is a culinary delight.

Lovingly prepared in our Ribble Valley

restaurant kitchen and delivered UK-wide


Choose the right size of box to suit your needs
Fill your box with main courses, desserts and a delicious loaf
Select the day you would like to receive your delivery of our restaurant quality ready meals
Defrost, cook and enjoy

As seen in Jay Raynor’s News Bites

Please note due to the size of the boxes – we are unable to add additional single items to your delivery order – adding click and collect items as well as delivery boxes to the checkout, will result in the boxes becoming collection only.

Amazing food and service
Vicki Leake
Vicki Leake
15. June, 2021.
I have ordered click and collect frozen food. Excellent food and service.
Rosalind Simpson
Rosalind Simpson
11. June, 2021.
Very happy with both the meals ,and the service .I will certainly use your fascilities again.
neville hudson
neville hudson
3. June, 2021.
The food was a present for my Mum , the parcel arrived on the delivery day requested , it was really well packed & I'm told that the meals taste delicious . There was a problem with the delivery ( in that , despite instruction & backup instruction , the driver ignored these & left the parcel outside the block of apartments ) ...... thats obviously a dpd issue rather than Breda Murphy - but you should be aware , in case you log the amount of delivery issues you have .
Jen Walmsley
Jen Walmsley
3. June, 2021.
Lovely Thai chicken. And the ever amazing delicious Guinness cake!
2. June, 2021.
The Fish & Chip Tea was absolutely superb, so much so we are going to do it again this Friday. I collected from the Pantry and bought some desserts at the same time - the lemon posset was dreamy!
Sarah Clemson, Latitude Marketing
Sarah Clemson, Latitude Marketing
20. May, 2021.
The lasagna was excellent, thank you
Tony Fowles
Tony Fowles
20. May, 2021.
Good wishes I am very happy to taste your food again (my daughter Catherine Scott used to live in Whalley ) and it is still delicious. When things are back to normal ! Perhaps it would be possible to have more main courses instead of puddings - delicious though they are I am trying to think of my waistline, although I could never miss the cake and the brownies. Wishing you every success with your new venture. Bernice Flemin
Bernice Fleming
Bernice Fleming
18. May, 2021.
All aspects of this business are superb. From quality and variety of food, helpful staff, professionalism and innovation. I take my hat off to them.
Carolyn Higgins
Carolyn Higgins
13. May, 2021.
It's always a pleasure when I come in to collect the weekly order. The service could hardly be friendlier or more helpful.
Andrew Stachulski
Andrew Stachulski
13. May, 2021.

Browse our selection of the delicious restaurant quality ready meals

Order today and enjoy Breda’s mouth-watering food in the comfort of your home. See what you could have delivered to your door:

fish pie prepared meal

Breda’s Famous Fish Pie

Salmon and haddock poached in white wine mixed with prawns & creamy fish velouté, topped with buttery mash potato 

Beef Bourguignon meal for delivery

Beef Bourguignon

Chunks of best stewing steak braised in red wine until meltingly tender, served in a rich jus with onions, bacon & mushrooms 

beef lasagne ready meal

Beef Lasagne

Pasta sheets layered with rich beef Bolognese & Lancashire cheese béchamel 

chicken pie ready meal

Chicken, Leek and Mushroom Pie

Tender pieces of chicken with leeks and mushrooms in a creamy sauce topped with flaky puff pastry lid

thai chicken curry ready meal

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Chicken breasts poached in a fragrant coconut milk lemongrass and kaffir lime curry sauce 

chickpea curry frozen ready meal

Chickpea, Tomato and Potato Curry (v)

A deliciously rich tomato ragout with fresh herbs, spices, chickpeas and potato (Vegan)

Add dessert to be delivered straight to your door

Enjoy Breda’s classic favourites, made to her secret recipes

irish whiskey pudding ready meal

Irish Whiskey Sticky Toffee Pudding

Delicious date and Irish whiskey sponge with lashings of sticky toffee sauce.

bread pudding ready meal

Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding

Layers of brioche bread generously spread with marmalade and baked in a delicious free range egg custard 

seasonal fruit crumble ready meal

Seasonal Fruit Crumble

Chunks of Bramley apple and berry compote topped with a crisp butter crumble 

sticky toffee pudding dessert ready meal

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Delicious date sponge with lashings of sticky toffee sauce 

A range of cakes to choose from: for one, for two or for the family

“Just like Mammy made! I remember as a child Mammy always had a loaf in a tin just in case of visitors.”

irish chocolate and guinness cake ready delivered

Chocolate and Guinness Cake

A magnificent Irish cake which keeps for weeks, deep black colour with a hint of stout bitterness set off by the creaminess of our topping perfect with a cup of tea or half pint of Guinness.

ginger cake

Stem Ginger Cake

A store cupboard must have, delicious light ginger cake perfect with an afternoon cup of tea or to take in your lunch or picnic box.

lemon drizzle loaf cake served in slices

Lemon Drizzle Cake

A beautiful, moist sponge made with lemon zest and lime juice and decorated with lemon glacé icing.

carrot and walnut cake delivery

Carrot and Walnut Cake

With a light, fluffy sponge and creamy yet tangy cream cheese ice topping, this recipe comes from our pastry chef Dotty who spends many hours producing and tweaking cakes to produce the best she can.

irish tea brack cake delivered

Irish Tea Brack Cake

The word brack, in Irish “breac”, means speckled and refers to the fruit used in the dough. A very popular standby in most Irish homes. This particular recipe is a cake rather than bread in which the fruit has been soaked in Irish tea and Irish Whiskey overnight. Delicious!

chocolate brownies delivered

Chocolate Brownies

An optional extra to yop off your frozen food box. We have being making brownies for the restaurant from the beginning and is one of our most popular cakes in the Pantry. You can portion and eat it simply from the cake tin or upgrade to a dessert by serving warm with fresh raspberries and pouring cream or chocolate sauce or both!

What makes Breda Murphy’s ready meals special?

Made to Breda’s traditional recipes that she’s spent three decades perfecting, our meals are truly a taste of restaurant quality at home. We create them in small batches in our Ribble Valley kitchen, flash-freeze them for freshness, and lovingly pack into a special, lined delivery box, to ensure you can enjoy the beautiful flavours at home.

Where do you deliver to?

Thanks to our great partner couriers, we are able to deliver our prepared meals almost anywhere in the UK. Your order will arrive frozen, in a fully insulated box (lined with sheep’s wool) that we have designed with sustainability in mind.

How many people are the ready meals suitable for?

Whether you’re looking to feed one person, two people, or the entire family, we’ve got a box to suit you.

Within the Singles Box, you will find three single-portion meals, along with three single-portion desserts, and a loaf cake to top it off.

Inside the Doubles Box, you will find four double-portion meals, two double-portion desserts, and the signature loaf cake of your choosing.

There is also a Mixed Box available. This would be best suited for a family or catering for many. It includes three single-portion meals, three double-portion meals, two single-portion desserts, two double-portion desserts, and of course a loaf cake too.

Craving more? You can add on a tray of chocolatey gooey brownies to each of the boxes.

Breda’s experience and passion

Having started her culinary journey in 1991, Breda’s experience spans three decades and two countries. Breda’s food has been featured in The Michelin Guide, won prestigious awards, and is now available for delivery for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is Breda doing the cooking?

The short answer is yes, she is!  Breda trained and later taught with Darina Allen at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Cork, Ireland.  With her vast background in catering and restaurants she’s turned her hand to preparing excellent, nutritious, restaurant quality dishes ready to be delivered to your home.

How are the meals made?

Our meals are all handmade in our kitchen following Breda’s recipes by Breda and her team of trained chefs using the finest ingredients. Once the recipes are cooked we flash freeze the meals to naturally preserve and lock in all the flavour and nutrients.

Is there vegan-friendly options?

Breda currently offers one vegan friendly dish: Chickpea, Tomato & Potato Curry. We hope to be able to include more vegan options as our range grows.

Do you cater to different dietary requirements/allergies?

With the size of our current menu, were are unable to alter the dishes to cater for all dietary requirements. However, a full list of all ingredients for each dish can be found on each product.

Do you use preservatives in your dishes?

No. All Breda’s dishes use the freshest, local produce wherever available. So by purchasing our prepared meals for delivery, you are not only supporting a British restaurant, but British farmers too.

How long will each dish last in the freezer?

All our dishes last over three months in the freezer, giving you extra flexibility and reducing any unnecessary food waste.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We take pride in sourcing the high quality ingredients from our network of farmers, fisheries and merchants. We work with many local family­-run businesses who have  supplied and supported us over the years.

How many people do the meals feed?

Breda has designed the meals in both single and double sizes, for 1 or 2 people and some of our desserts feed 2-3 people. We don’t add any side orders or vegetables to our dishes as our customers prefer to add their own.

Where can I see the ingredients / nutritional info?

Our ingredients and nutritional information is listed on each meal – you will also find full details of all our meals here.