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We made a conscious decision, that mirrors our commitment to use locally sourced, high quality produce; to ensure the packaging we use for our ready meals deliveries makes full use of recyclable and sustainable items.

Plastic Food Trays

These Natural Opaque CPET Trays are made up of post-consumer waste and post industrial waste giving a total recycled content of up to 80%.
The trays are reliably detected by existing sorting infrastructure in the UK and returned to the mixed stream where they can be recycled into new food safe products again and again.
Opaque trays comply with the strictest food regulations keeping food safe in the entire temperature range between -40°C and 220°C, and outperforming alternative packaging materials in particular on food safety and recyclability.

Aluminium Foils

Aluminium foil is endlessly recyclable and can be reformed into thousands of different items without the need for any new material. Making products from recycled aluminium uses only five per cent of the energy it takes to make new foil from raw materials.
Please ensure that these aluminium foils are cleaned out prior to recycling.  They can even be popped in the dishwasher with the rest of your plates etc

Printed Sleeves

The sleeves that encase our products are made using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified board.
FSC is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.  They enable businesses and consumers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy, and create positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics.
The printing on these sleeves is produced using vegetable based ink.

Delivery Boxes

Woolcool Products Use Sustainable, Compostable, Recyclable Or Recycled Materials.

Natural Materials

Wool is one of the most sustainable natural materials, being available in abundance as a by-product of rearing sheep.
Woolcool offers significant benefits for complying with UK government and EU requirements, including the European Commission’s guidelines for the distribution of perishable products, Packaging Essential Requirement Regulations, Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) and businesses’ Duty of Care.


Since 2009, many thousands of tonnes of non-biodegradable plastic packaging waste has been saved from landfill by UK customers switching to Woolcool.
Just in the last year alone, Woolcool has prevented the equivalent of 75 Olympic sized swimming pools full of polystyrene from going to landfill.
Woolcool thermal insulated packaging products help companies and consumers reduce, reuse and recycle packaging as set out by the Government and following guidelines by WRAP (Waste & Resource Action Programme).
The wool insulation is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.
Any plastics used are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots.
The cardboard delivery boxes are produced using recycled materials with FSC standards, and are easily recyclable at local authority waste depots.
At the end of its useful life as packaging, the insulation liners or felted wool can be re-used for a variety of purposes.