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The new-look Breda Murphy restaurant doesn’t just feature delicious dishes inspired by modern British and Irish cuisine. It is also home to an array of artwork thanks to forging a partnership with retail art gallery of the year, Hepplestone Fine Art.

Exhibiting a forever changing collection of art allows restaurant diners to view original paintings and limited edition prints by renowned artists including Irish-born Philip Gray, Whalley-based abstract artist Jo Taylor, ‘father of conceptual movement’ Chris DeRubeis, Hollywood-based Todd White and radical impressionist, Simon Kenny from Dublin.

On display are Philip Gray’s limited edition prints and Jo Taylor’s ‘the Galway races’ ‘the Silent Assassin’ and ‘Irish boy’ pieces. The artwork is available to purchase.

Owner, Breda Murphy, said: “We have always had a genuine interest in both local and Irish inspired creations and so you’ll find unique artwork exhibited throughout our new-look restaurant.”

Renowned artist, Katharine Holmes, who captures beautiful northern landscapes is a visitor to the restaurant and her work is featured across all the restaurant menus.

Breda added: “Katharine depicts the essence of our stunning neighbourhood. Her paintings are dramatic but beautiful. The colour palette used in her work complements the interior and décor of the restaurant and so it made complete sense to place her creations on the menus.”

To make a reservation simply call 01254 823446 or email [email protected]